Dear Doctors,

We are thrilled to announce NEW FIRST AID PESCI COURSE 2024.


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Date: 15th February – 28th March 2024 (6 weeks).


Trial class on 15th February at 8:30 PM Sydney time live on ZOOM.


1. Focusing on IME and RACGP cases.

2. Covering the last 6 months' sample cases.

3. More than 100 recent cases roleplay with detailed discussion.

4. Notes in the portal until you pass.

5. Recordings in case you miss the live session.


Class: Mon- Thursday 8:30-10:30PM AEDT.


Range of Topics covered:

1.     Pediatrics.

2.     Medicine.

3.     Gynae and Obstetrics.

4.     Psychiatry.

5.     Dermatology.

6.     Pathways of referrals.

7.     Discussing basic general practice approach in Australia.

8.     Tools and Equipment Use in GP.


Cost: 650 AUD+ GST


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