Dear Doctors,

Admission for the FIRST AID PESCI IME September Course is now open!


Date: 14th September -26th October (6 weeks)

Trial class on 7th September at 8 PM AEST live on ZOOM.

1. Focusing on IME but also covering RACGP/ACRRM-related topics.

2. Covering the last 6 months' sample cases.

3. More than 150 recent cases roleplay with detailed discussion.

4. Notes in the portal until you pass.

5. Recordings in case you miss the live session. (Access for 3months)

Class: Mon- Thursday 7-9 PM AEST.

Range of Topics covered:

  1. Pediatrics.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Gynae and Obstetrics.
  4. Psychiatry.
  5. Dermatology.
  6. Pathways of referrals.
  7. Discussing basic general practice approach in Australia.
  8. Tools and Equipment Use in GP.

Cost: 650 AUD + 10%GST

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