Terms & Condition

Payment Policy:
  • Once you want to enrol in our course, you need to go to the subscription option first, and then you will be directed to payment options after a series of verification processes.
  • Payment is done for 5 months period at once before you enrol in our full course. But you can always access our first 2 weeks of class for free (Only a full course) before you make your full payment. Please note, Free 2 weeks class is only available at the beginning of a course, not otherwise. If you still wish to access the free 2 weeks class, you have to ask us to add you to the Facebook group with recorded lectures for the 2 weeks. This only applies to our Full course which is of 5 months duration.
  • In our 5 monthly Clinical Course, you can pay in 2 installations like half of the full payment before enrollment and the rest after 2 months. Please remember, you need to make full payment even though you don’t join any of our classes for personal reasons or any other difficulties. Once you continue our class for more than 2 weeks, you give your informed consent to make full payment.
  • You will get a full refund in case you don’t want to continue after 2 weeks. But after 2 weeks, your payment is not refundable. Once you are added to the software, there is no refund policy. So please wait for 2 weeks if you are confused to join the course. In case of a refund, we can only refund your bank account, not any other way.
  • Once you make your payment you will receive an invoice through email and confirmation to our website.
  • Your access to our software Notes and Lecture materials will be valid until you pass your exam. But, Video access is valid for up to 10 months after joining the course. After 10 months if you still want to access our Video recordings, you need to pay an extra minimal payment. In case you want to join our live classes or want to be updated with recent questions after the initial 5 months session, you need to pay an extra subscription fee for that.
  • All payments are online-based, so we don’t allow cash or any other offline payment.
  • If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with our service, you can always reach us at firstaidamc4536@outlook.com. We will try our best to come to a solution to your disappointment. Because we are bound by the Australian Consumer Law in the instance of major faults/defects.
  • In the Clinical full course, if you have a personal issue or you can't continue the class for some emergency reasons after making Full payment, we can pause your subscription if you inform us in the initial 2 months course. You will be able to join the new batch with an extra 150 AUD payment. Your course duration will be counted from the new batch in that case.
  • First AID AMC reserves the right to change this policy at any time given the circumstances but in case of any major change of payment, we will inform the candidates at least 3 months before the announcement.
  • FIRST AID AMC retains the full rights to its Course materials, Video recordings, Lecture notes, and Mock examinations. Sharing any of the above will be an offence committed against law. 
  • FIRST AID AMC conveys frequent surveys and audits to find out any anomalous behaviour in the software. Anyone caught with this illegal behaviour will be banned from the course without prior notifications. Also, his/her full course fee will be forfeited with no refund.