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FIRST AID AMC MCQ New Course: (Facebook group)


New batch: 30th April

Trial Class: 16th April at 8 PM Sydney time live on ZOOM. (Class ID and passcode will be given to the Facebook group)


Free 2 Weeks Class: starts from 30th April.

All the class recordings can be found in You tube or our Facebook group.


Link for You Tube:


Link for Facebook group:


Course Summary: details)


"We have the best-organized Software for unlimited Mock exams, Class lectures, Class Videos and Discussions."


a. Full Theory!

b. 5 years sample Question discussion (2018-2023) with monthly update! One Class every week just on monthly Question Solve.

c. Software-based Subjective, Month wise and Full 150 Question Mock tests!

d. Q-Bank Free of charge.

e. Access to course notes until you pass!

f. Recording of every class!

g. Extended Video recording access even after finishing the course.

h. CPD hours.


Fee: 499 AUD (no installation available)


Duration: 5 months.

Class: 3 days/ week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)


(We take every class Live. We don't just give recordings of the previous class to the software and avoid taking a live class.)


Time: 8:30 – 10:30 PM Sydney Time.

Class: on zoom online.


We will cover:


1. Complete Theory:

Based on JM 8th, KAPLAN step 2CK, eTG complete guideline, UptoDate, RACGP guideline, RCH, SA Health guideline and all other Australian websites.


2. Theory-Based Question Discussion:

We will discuss sample Questions covering every system like Medicine (Cardiology, Respiratory, Abdomen, etc ), Surgery, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Gyne, Obs, Psychiatry, etc. These are very high-yielding for your exam. We have thousands of sample questions made altogether for your preparation.


3. Theory Practice Test:

After Every system, you can practice unlimited Tests on our Software and find out your weak points.


4. 5 years Recent Sample Question Discussion (2018- 2023):

We have highly interactive sessions on how to crack the question and how to find the clues and traps of the exam. You will be allowed to ask any questions in the class and we will try to answer your queries with proper reference and guidelines. We finish it by Offline + Online Class together as it's a huge collection.


5. Recent Sample Question Mock Test:

You will get Unlimited mock tests on Recent Sample Questions. All exams are software-based, not paper-based.

You will get your score immediately after the exam. You will also get the Correct Answers and your weakness, Average marks and ranking out of all exams. After the exam, you can compare your all results and take your tentative exam date based on that.


6. Our Software-Based Mock Tests:

Once you enrol, you will get full access to all the mock tests. You will not have to get permission for each mock exam from us which can be very tiring and exhausting.


You will get:

Ø 20 Subjective Computer Adaptive Online test with a full discussion of the answers.


Ø 40 Sample Question Computer Adaptive MOCK test with a full discussion of the answers.


Ø 3-5 Full 150 Question Computer Adaptive AMC MCQ MODEL TEST with a discussion of the answers.


We update our mock tests questions every month. You will always get the most updated version of the recent questions!


7. Q-Bank Free of Charge.


8. Extra classes on:

a. ECG

b. CT scan

c. X-Ray

d. CTG

e. Statistics

f. Ethics

g. Fundoscopy

i. ABG


Our extra classes will make you more confident on these topics and we will also take a separate mock test on these topics.

9. Class recordings and notes will be provided in the software after every class. (Video access for a total of 10 months since starting the course so that you can revise the course materials even before your exam).


F. We will provide: all your must-needed books online (JM 8th, Kaplan series, Master the board, Llewelyn Jones Gyne and Obs, Conrad Fischer step 2 videos, Tjandra Surgery, Ethics book for practice, etc).


G. New Addition: Monthly Meeting!! We will also communicate with you monthly about your progression and any problems you are having during the course! We will help you to fix a date for the exam based on your performance.


To know how we take class, please go through the Recording of previous classes:

Our 10th October Class Recording: (

15th October Class recording on September Ques:



For Updates about more free classes and recordings, Join our Official Facebook Group


( NB: You can Join anytime and join our next batch to cover the missed classes)


If you are looking for the best Online AMC MCQ Course then you are right here. We have helped hundreds of doctors to clear their AMC and to work in their dream job in Australia.

First AID AMC is a Registered AMC MCQ, Clinical and PESCI Preparatory Course. We have been helping IMG doctors for quite a few years to achieve their dreams and goals with an amazing success rate!! We promise you that if you follow our guidelines, classes, and Course materials there is more than a 90% chance of success in your exam. When you are under us, we take your responsibility fully and effectively.


Panel of Teachers and Moderators:

Dr Arshan Ahmed ( 5 Years Teaching Experience, Passed AMC MCQ and CLINICAL in 1st Attempt with 14/14 station in Clinical Exam)


So Join Us!!! See why we are Special!! Pass with a Great score and knowledge!!! No one can guarantee you pass but we can say with total confidence that if you follow us 100% and do hard work there is no way you won't pass this exam.


Also, Our Software-based Mock exam is Very Similar to the Real Exam. You can practice thousands of questions here and make yourself a pro before going for the exam.




Our website:(

Thank you.



March 18, 2023 | 6:13 am
Could recommend for me the nearest AMC MCQ class, because I've just known about u yesterday.

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