Want to have a JOB in Australia with Part 1 and English test?

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Here is some of the tips you can follow:

1. First decide which pathway you want to pursue: GP or Hospital?

2. If Hospital: Start Searching for Jobs in the google writing the area or city you want the job. 

3. Not Sure about the region or anything will do?

Start Searching in the regional areas of different states. Go to the google MAP and find out the regional areas or you can search it in the google as well. Getting jobs in cities with part 1 very hard. So start with the regional areas. 

4. Which job sites are good?

Well there are tons of it. But as a beginner you can use seek, indeed or smartjobs etc

5. When is the ideal time to search: 

There are RMO and intern Campaign for each states in different times of the year but most of them are from May-July. So have a look on the google about the exact dates of the campaign and read the guideline thoroughly and apply as much as possible.

6. Once you get a job offer  they will give you a date for interview and if that goes well, you are good to start your new life with long  dreams. 

To know more about what happens next, keep an eye to this group. We will update more.



Amena begum
November 11, 2020 | 12:15 pm
If GP ?
Mayesha Mifta
November 11, 2020 | 12:15 pm
GP route after passing mcq?

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