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FIRST AID AMC CLINICAL New 5 months Course: (Official Facebook Group)


Admission is open now for the new course.


1. New Course:   29th April 2023 (5 months duration)

Trial Class: 15th April live on Zoom at 8:30 PM Sydney time. Class ID and passcode will be given in the Facebook group.


2 weeks Free session starts from 29th April.

All the class recordings can be found in You tube or our Facebook group.


Link for You Tube:


Link for Facebook group:



FIRST AID AMC CLINICAL is a hub of Img’s where dreams are not just dreams, it's just the start of your beautiful journey to reach your dreams!! We are very proud to be one of the most successful courses for the last 5 years!


Full Clinical Course details:


2. Course Inclusion:


a. FULL Theory based on Clusters: It covers almost everything and brings a huge number of cases into a small number of clusters. That way you just need to remember a few clusters approach rather than remembering separate cases.


b. Role-play of recent and past important cases based on Clusters. That way you can get acquainted with important cases for the exam.


c. Recent 3 years Sample Cases discussion (2023, 2022 and 2021) with notes on 2018, 2019, and 2020 important cases:

Role-play of all cases will be done to give an extensive idea about the Exam Scenario!! We have one Role-Play Class every Week based on new important cases for the exam!


d. Videos of all our roleplay sessions covering last 1 year: You will also receive a total of 90 roleplay videos of our previous batch which contains at least 300 cases in the last 3 years. On top, you will get new roleplay sessions every week with recent cases important for the exam.


d. Physical examination Based on NEW ONLINE FORMAT as well as Face-to-Face Format! (We reserve a full one month just for the Physical examination class)


e. Online Mini Mock exams every 4-6 weeks with detailed feedback and ways of improving the mistakes.


f.  Exclusive Classes on Communication skills and Patient-oriented Approach!


g. Recordings of every class in software with prolonged access even after the course finishes.


h. Access to all notes in the software until you pass!


i. Extensive discussion on Job hunting, career pathways, CV, selection criteria, RMO Campaigns, Job reference and AHPRA registration.


j. Mentor discussion every month to help the candidates with their course issues, registration, and job issues.


k. CPD hours as you join our theory and PE classes. You can claim a total of 150 CPD points by adding all our 65 classes in 5 months in your RACGP dashboard.


l. Course completion certificate that you can use as a bridging course for registration.


3. Cost: 899 AUD (2 installations available if you join at the beginning of a course)


4. Course Duration: 5 months.

Class: 3 days/week (Saturday, Sunday, and Wedesday from 8:30 pm -10:30 PM Sydney time)


Don’t worry if you miss a few classes as recordings are available. You will be able to catch up very fast.



5. Teachers and Moderators:


All our mentors currently working in Australian health system in different roles for a long time. You will get all the Australian updated health guidelines which are crucial for this exam.


Dr Arshan Ahmed (5 Years Teaching Experience, Passed AMC MCQ and CLINICAL in 1st Attempt with 14/14 station in Clinical Exam currently working in Australian Health System)


Dr Sinthia Rahman (Passed AMC MCQ and Clinical in her first attempt and currently working in Australian health System)


In summary, FIRST AID AMC will provide everything you need to pass the Clinical exam as well as to get a job offer in Australia. We take pride in mentioning that every year hundreds of candidates pass the exam from this course and secure jobs in Australia.


Contact us:


Thank you!



Mudasar Ahmed
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
Hi I want to join the clinical course, kindly please send me the payment link. Thankyou.
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
Hi admins I paid payment 2 days ago my profile still not activated please help harsha
Diana Mohammed Abdalla
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
hi .i am new .i want introduction about how the exam will be..
Tim Jones
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
Hi, just wondering how do I access the live recording tonight?
Nooshin Alavi Naeini
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
Hi dear admin, I've already emailed twice and put the inquiry on the website, but unfortunately haven't your response. as I'm interested in enrolling for the current 5-month clinical course which started in October. so I need your guidance on the payment link and the process of enrolment. I've subscribed nd my status is still pending for the admin confirmation. I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys soon. Regards, Nooshin
Gilbert Ignatious
March 18, 2023 | 6:14 am
Hi admin I would like to join the 5 month clinical course that has started on 29 th April, please approve my profile and guide me through the process How can I catchup the missed classes and roleplay Thankyou

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